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Wedding, party and event caricatures by Edd Travers. Hire Glasgow's best live event caricaturist for your event today!

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What better way to entertain your family, friends or colleagues than with hilarious drawings of themselves! Make your wedding, private party or corporate event the MOST MEMORABLE one of the year by having me put on a unique show for you and your guests!

Primarily servicing central Scotland (but willing to travel further if required), my caricatures offer a personal, unique memento that will last a lifetime. Hiring me to come and draw your guests live, on the spot also provides enormous 'spectator' entertainment for onlookers...not just for those in the artist's chair! Big laughs guaranteed!



All caricaturists are different....and good ones are rare! Don't just hire any artist! I am renowned as one of Scotland's most sought after live event caricaturists, with a speedy, confident, clean style and ability to capture incredible likenesses. Combine this with a natural artistic ability and friendly, professional manner - and you have a truly unique entertainment choice that will keep your guests talking and the  'buzz' going long after the day! 


I have been professionally caricaturing people from all walks of life, live at events since 2003. My live caricatures have went down at storm at: Weddings, Parties, Team Building Day's, Exhibitions, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Hen & Stag do's, Corporate Events, Kid's Fun Days, Graduation Balls, Festivals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Freshers Week Events, Business Events & Launches, Shopping Centres, First Holy Communion Parties, Retirement do's, Charity Fundraisers, Christmas parties and Gala Days (....the list goes on and on!) all across Scotland and the UK. I hold an Higher National Diploma in Illustration, and have been published nationally. My celebrity caricatures have been displayed in local exhibitions as well as Edinburgh's prestigious National Portrait Gallery.


I can draw on average 10 -12 faces per hour (or one face every 5 - 6  minutes) which allows me to draw a sizeable percentage of guests whilst never sacrificing the great quality for which I am known. After all, do you want your guests to go home with a drawing that they will shove in a drawer, or a keepsake that they’ll proudly hang as a treasured memento? I am told regularly from sitters that they intend to frame my work when they get home! And trust me, no one will forget where they got their caricature from....i.e. YOUR EVENT!



When you hire a caricaturist, you're not just hiring someone to draw funny pictures, but also someone who is able to chat with your guests and put them at ease. The experience should be just as enjoyable for those watching as it is for the person being drawn! I am well known for my friendly, laid back personality, and I love chatting to folk when I'm creating my art. This allows guests to relax and in turn this enables me to capture their personalities effectively - a vital ingredient to a great caricature. I mix well with people of all ages and I am a devoted Dad of 2 children and I also have lots of little nieces and nephews, so I'm well used to chatting to kids as well as adults!


I genuinely love what I do for a living and look forward to each and every event I get hired for. For me, drawing is a lifelong passion which is in my blood. Getting paid to draw funny faces all day is the best job in the world and I never get bored of it! I've always been fascinated by faces and the quirky individual differences that make us all unique as human beings. It's striving to capture this individual 'uniqueness' with every drawing that keeps things fascinating and entertaining for both the audience and me. It's almost like we're on a fun little journey together as each drawing unfolds until the 'moment of truth' is revealed and the sitter gets to see their caricature for the first time! The priceless looks on the faces of the guests....the laughter and banter that follows...the good vibes all go to create a magical, positive, happy, energy buzz that is truly special! This experience is memorable for guests at your event and the 'buzz' remains long after the party has ended! And I get an enormous amount of pleasure and job satisfaction from that. 


My live act act can only be booked directly here and not through an 'Entertainment Agency' or 'Cartoon Art Studio Group' (who will often ramp up the overall cost to you with a hefty commission fee). As a professional, individual artist; I am not restricted by any other company, business or group, therefore there's no agent, manager or middleman between you (the client) and me. This means the best possible deal for you, and the benefit of being able to speak with me directly at any stage of your booking which brings added peace of mind.

By booking me directly, you can be confident and sure that you get me - Edd Travers! I.E. -  The specific artist of YOUR choice for your event. There's no way an inferior artist will turn up instead!

The same cannot be said if you hire any caricaturist via any Entertainment Agency or a 'Studio'. Be warned - you may not be able to specifically choose what artist comes to your event if you hire an artist from one of these places, and remember all caricaturists are different! You may not be able to view the artist's skills prior to booking them! The 'abilities' and 'talent' of Agency / Studio caricaturists will vary to a tremendous degree, so why take the risk of 'pot luck' and be disappointed?

Rest assured, my strong; clean, cartoony style of caricaturing individuals, ensure that every drawing is unique and tailored to 'nail the likeness' of the sitter in an original and humourous way! If you compare my live caricatures with other caricaturists out there you'll see that I do not produce tame, dull, boring drawings -  which all look the same -  and nothing like the people they're supposed to be!

Remember, all caricaturists are definitely NOT the same...so get the caricaturist YOU want for your event and book me today before someone else does! 



Unlike some other caricaturists, my main and only preference is to work from a seated, fixed position and draw from an easel. Here's why:

  • The great thing about working from an easel is that other guests can freely look over my shoulder and see what I am doing, therefore it's entertaining for spectators as well as the person being drawn in the hot seat! Big laughs and a fun buzz guaranteed! I love to work this way and I am capable of entertaining large groups of on-looking guests with every single drawing I create. It's worth noting that some caricaturists will sit at a table with their back to a wall with sketchpads in their laps, or walk around doing drawings on a small clipboard held up under their chin, close to their chest and as a result, no one can see what they are doing - therefore there's no big laughs, banter or 'spectator entertainment' for on-looking guests..... How boring! Rest assured, this is NOT the case with me! When booked to to draw live, I generally always end up with a happy, fascinated crowd behind me - laughing and watching as each dazzling caricature is created before their very eyes!  

  • Live caricature (done well!) at an event certainly makes for a great topic of conversation and gets the 'banter' and laughs going! It's a great 'ice-breaker' at any event! Expect your guests to be fascinated, captivated and amused as each drawing unfolds. It really is a great, fun spectator event. Not all guests may be able to get caricatured at the event, but on-lookers will definitely be entertained and mesmerised on the whole!  I will arrive at your venue (smartly dressed) around 15 / 20 minutes earlier than the time you have booked me from in order to have time to set up my easel and gear, so I am ready to commence drawing for you precisely at your requested time.

  • With the easel I can work quickly and continuously, drawing people one after the other, which gives you the customer maximum value for money. There's no need for me to waste time roaming around the room introducing myself and what I do to each group of people.....and then trying to convince the 'shy ones' that having a caricature is a painless process, etc... All of this time wasting can be avoided if guests who want to be drawn come to me instead!

  • The caricatures themselves which are drawn on an easel are larger, and more 'polished' and professional looking than your average little A4 paper sized sketch that has been hastily sketched whilst held in the wobbly crook of someone's arm. Many of the people I draw at events tell me that they intend to have their drawing framed after I give it to them....I hear this a lot! Your guests will have a fun, unique memento to take home with them after your event, which they will never forget!


  • The artwork is created using instant dry black and grey professional markers, on large, good quality A3 sized paper and comes with a FREE ziplock protector plastic bag. This is handy for wet weather, sticky fingers or late-night drink spillages....(and I won't even charge your guests 5p for them!) It's worth noting that not many caricaturists provide bags for guests to take drawings home in - it's actually something of a rarity! I prefer not to roll the artwork, knowing that guests invariably want to show off the artwork to their friends as the night rolls on. Another great source of amusement! Each caricature is head & shoulders only, in front or ¾ view.  

  • Important! : If guests come to me to be drawn on a purely voluntary basis at your event; then there is absolutely no risk of me drawing someone who may not wish to be captured, or those who may be a little sensitive about their looks. Within any group of people, there is bound to be some who simply would not like to be caricatured, which I completely respect and understand. I always ask event organisers to bear this in mind who think that everyone at their event will want to / or should be drawn, as it's really not always the case. Some will prefer just to watch and be entertained and that's absolutely fine. When drawing caricatures of people at any event my intention is never to be 'cruel'; however my aim is to have fun with what 'Mother Nature' has already bestowed upon people! Expect facial features to be exaggerated for comic effect whilst a recognisable likeness is maintained.....all created in good fun (And it is painless, honestly....!)

  • At the event, all I will require from you is to provide a well lit area for me to work in, in order for me to be able to see who I am drawing. It sounds obvious I know, but you'd be amazed at the amount of events I've went to where I've had to work in dark bars, dim candle light, or disco style strobe lighting etc...! Poor lighting at an event makes my job incredibly difficult to do. Please bear this in mind when considering booking times; as at evening events, lights tend to be dimmed when the meal, DJ, band, comedian or any other entertainment takes place. However, I do have a small light which I can attach to my easel, provided I am set up near to an electrical socket. I will also require a couple of chairs and space for my easel (2 metres square approx).

  • When booked to draw live, I also have a portable 'pop up' banner sign with caricature samples on it which I could bring to the event, with your permission, and set it up next to me which will help alert people in the room that there is a caricaturist present and it also helps to create more of a 'visual impact!'. With my easel and banner sign set up, there is no need for me to 'roam the room' or get lost in the crowd as some caricaturists do with clipboards. (I've even witnessed artists on foot with clipboards get mistaken for waiters by guests at events! - Not a great impression to make on people, eh?). Rest assured, my performance will definitely make a memorable impact on your guests!

Visit my LIVE WORK  gallery page to see over 100 photos of my live event caricatures! Read on for prices and more info...



For event entertainment, the client is billed an hourly rate and the caricatures are free for all guests. There is a minimum booking time of 2 hours for all events.

My 2018 / 2019 rates* are as follows :


Additional hours cost £100 each thereafter.

(*For any bookings in 2020 or beyond please note my fee may increase) 

I am capable of drawing 10 -12  guests per hour. Travel to the venue is FREE if it's within an 'all in' distance - (there and back) of 25 miles of my home address in Cumbernauld near Glasgow. For venues beyond this distance, a fee of 50p per round-trip driving mile will be added to the overall total. If time and budget allow I HIGHLY recommend booking me for as long as possible, as my caricatures are usually overwhelmingly popular!

If you're interested, please contact me with your event date and venue location and I'll be happy to check my schedule. If the date is available, I will ask for a few details. The booking is fully secured by returning an initial deposit. (With short notice enquiries, the full balance is required in advance.)


As an added option, I can also include a customised message and / or a full colour logo or company name, pre- printed on each sheet of my drawing paper in advance of the booking. This is a great way to add an 'extra personal' touch, and be extra sure your guests won't forget your event in a hurry and this is always popular at weddings! Eg. The sample text printed along the bottom of each sheet of paper can be something with the Bride and Groom's names and wedding date...such as:

" Thank you for sharing our special day with us! "
- Clare & Martin
20th of June 2020

 I charge £40.00 for the "Customised Paper" option, which is a one-off fee regardless of the number of sheets printed. 


  • PRIMARY SERVICE AREA: Glasgow / Edinburgh - Central Scotland. (Can travel further if required)
  • SIZE OF DRAWINGS: A3 paper size (297 x 420mm)
  • MEDIA: Professional Design Markers
  • SPEED:  Up to 10 - 12 people per hour
  • 2018 / 2019 RATES:  First 2 hours of service £300, then £100 per hour thereafter. (Venues beyond 50 miles from my home address then a 3 hour minimum performance time applies). 
    • 2020 and beyond RATES:  To be confirmed.
    • MILEAGE EXPENSES: FREE to venues within an 'all in' distance (there and back) of 25 miles of my home address in Cumbernauld (near Glasgow), then 50p per round-trip mile. Travel cost will be calculated, advised and included in the overall booking fee. Travel estimated using www.theaa.com
    • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Customised Paper £40.00, regardless of number of sheets printed.




    Q: How long have you been a caricature artist?

    A: I have been drawing cartoons since a very young age and I initially began producing on-the-spot caricatures at various events back in 2003.  I personally feel that I became 'professional' at it and developed a clean, confident and strong style that I was happy with, from around 2007 onwards.

    Q: Is this your 'real' job?

    A: It certainly is. I'm a self employed professional caricaturist and have been for several years now. I'm not an art student or someone who just does this as a hobby at weekends.

    Q: Where did you learn how to draw caricatures?

    A: I am entirely self taught. I've always had a love for all things cartoon and caricature related and I've always possessed a 'knack' for observational, humorous drawing. When I was younger in my early twenties I looked around but there wasn't anywhere that offered courses or qualifications in the art of caricature; so I carved my own path with lots of hard work, dedication and practice. Caricature is a tricky thing to teach...you just sort of develop an eye for it after lots of hard work; many sketches and observations, and eventually your own 'personal style' develops from you organically, I tend to think. I gained an HND in Illustration at Glasgow College of Building and Printing in the early nineties which was also a positive, valuable learning experience.

    Q: I'm worried about upsetting my guests! Do your caricatures ever offend anyone?

    A: No, never. I try my best not to offend anybody! My aim is to compliment, but also to exaggerate the features for comic effect and to give people a giggle, (Remember...It's a caricature, not a photograph or portrait painting!) ... and it's done to raise some laughter and entertain your guests! My live event caricatures are always well received and the vast majority of people who sit for me find it a fun and pleasurable experience! Anyone who doesn't want to be drawn simply doesn't have to sit for me. I never force anyone into being caricatured, I only draw willing subjects. Remember it's purely voluntary on your guests behalf, so there's no chance of me offending anyone who doesn't want to be drawn.

    Q: How long does it take to produce an 'on-the-spot' caricature and how many can you do?

    A: Each caricature takes approximately 5 or 6 minutes per person on average, or alternatively 10 - 12 drawings in one hour, but please note -  this depends on event atmosphere and whether or not I have a steady, non-stop flow of sitters at my easel. Other factors include quality of lighting, how good looking, ugly or chatty the sitter is and how well they behave themselves! Numbers of caricatures created per hour cannot always be accurately guaranteed, so please bear this in mind. 

    Q: Do my guests have to pay you for their caricature?

    A: No, they are supplied FREE of charge to your guests. The cost of hiring me covers everything.


    Q: We are thinking about hiring you to come along to our wedding and draw our guests...but when is the best time to have you?

    A: Normally at weddings I'm either booked for one of two timeslots:

    1. It's either -  post service / prior to the meal -  when the newlyweds are off having their photographs taken in the afternoon and the guests are left to mingle with each other (eg. 2/3 till 5pm is a common booking time).

    2. ....Or, it's an after dinner / early evening slot (eg. 6 or 7 till 9 or 10pm is a common booking time) -  when the speeches and meal have finished, but the night is still young and your guests are relaxing after eating (and not everyone is quite up for dancing 'just yet')...

    Both of these 'lull' times are ideal for me and share equal popularity among wedding guests. It really comes down to you and what you'd like to achieve on the day. A common concern involves working my performance around the first dance or cake cutting, and I would like to offer some reassurance: for whilst these things are undeniably special and important moments, they rarely last more than a few minutes and it's not unusual for me to continue quietly drawing guests on the side lines while they're taking place. Alternatively, I'm happy to hang up my pen for a few minutes if you'd prefer, then resume drawing shortly afterwards. Just let me know.

    Please note -  for evening bookings, the latest I'd want to stay at any wedding or event would be 10 or maybe 10.30pm. It's very unusual for me to be booked any later than that really. You shouldn't really think of a caricaturist as a 'late night / evening entertainer'.  The 'lull' time periods of before or after the meal are the ideal time slots for me to go in and do my thing and 'wow' your guests! 

    In all honesty, wedding guests can be difficult to caricature at late evening receptions from around 10pm onwards. (10pm seems to be the 'witching hour!') Please trust me on this....I've been drawing at weddings for over ten years now all over the country and I've pretty much seen it all! Many guests will be a little too 'refreshed' beyond 10pm and that means they don't 'sit' well for me. As a result, me trying to capture the likeness in a caricature becomes trickier to do and each drawing takes a little longer to do when guests are a wee bit unruly, too lively or drunk. I always advise clients about this in advance, as it's essential to get the timings right so's everyone gets the very best out of the 'caricature' experience and goes home smiling! 



    Q: We have booked you to draw caricatures at our wedding reception and as the Bride and Groom we'd really like to get one done for ourselves, but we're not sure if we'll be able to find the time to sit for you on the day due to having our photos taken and other duties, etc...What would you suggest?

    A: If you'd like me to caricature you both together at the reception, that's no problem at all, but please ensure you can allocate me at least ten minutes of your time - uninterrupted - during my booking time for me to do this for you. (So please explain this to your wedding day co-ordinator, master of ceremonies and any pushy photographers!) Feel free to skip to the front of the line before other guests at my easel to get drawn. No-one will think badly of you doing this, as it's your big day.....trust me, so step on up!

    One request - Please, please, please don't approach me right at the end when my time is up to ask for a caricature, as I may have another booking or other commitments to rush off to, so I may have to politely turn you down in front of onlookers and this can be an awkward time and makes me look like the 'bad guy' in front of your guests! So please don't ask or expect me to draw you when my time has expired. I'd hate to try and do a rushed 2 minute job of a drawing for you that wasn't up to scratch just because my time was up....and I'm sure you wouldn't want a sub-standard drawing as a memento on your big day either. 

    Don't leave it till the last minute -  please ensure you catch me during the booking time if you want to be drawn. (Similarly, if there are other people you specifically want to be caricatured, then it is your responsibility to ensure they’re brought over to me in plenty of time.) I cannot be held responsible for people who don't get drawn during my booking time if they do not come and sit for me. Thanks for your understanding. 

    If you don't manage to get a caricature from me on the day / night, then please remember that I can always draw you a caricature from your wedding photos that you can email to me at a later date (a lot of my clients tend to opt for this). Please note - this is a separate service which is not included in the overall live booking price, however I'll be very happy to give you a nice discount! 

    You may find it's more appropriate to wait until nearer your first wedding anniversary to order your caricature from me though! Did you know that it's traditional to give your other half a gift of 'paper' on your first wedding anniversary? Caricatures are ideal gifts for that! That's what a lot of my newly wed clients tend to do. They wait until the dust has settled after the wedding and once they've got all their photos back they email some to me and I create a caricature of them both to celebrate year one of marriage together! Nice idea, eh? Get in touch with me to discuss things further. 

    Q: How many hours do you work for?

    A: This varies from job to job, depending on what it is. On average I am generally booked for 2 to 3 hours either in the afternoon or in the evening. I would suggest clients book me for a minimum of 3 hours if time and budget allows, as my live, on the spot caricatures are always incredibly popular with guests at any event.

    4 to 5 hours is around the maximum length of time I can do in one 'shift'. After that, my drawing hand begins to ache! I will require a 5 minute break after 3 hours of drawing. Drawing funny faces may look easy, but it does take a fair bit of 'mental concentration!'

    Q. May we extend the caricature session on the day? 

    A: Provided I have no further bookings or commitments immediately afterwards and it is convenient to do so, then yes - I will be happy to extend the session on the day at an additional £100 per hour. This must be payable in cash at the beginning of the agreed extension. Please note that I cannot guarantee my availability beyond pre-agreed timings, so if schedule and budget allow I would always recommend booking me for longer upfront. I generally always advise clients to book me for an average of 3 hours minimum, if time and budget allows, as demand for my work tends to rocket when guests see the quality of the artwork I produce! I realise this may sound 'big headed', but speaking with over ten years experience, I don't recall any bookings where I didn't have an eager, enthralled crowd up until the very last pen stroke!

    Q: What do you require from us for you to perform at our event?

    A: I need a well lit area to work in, ideally with space for guests to gather around and watch me at work. I also require a couple of chairs and space for my easel (2 metres squared approx). If lighting is an issue I can bring a portable lamp with me, provided you can set me up near to an electrical socket.



    Q: Can you go round the tables and draw people during meals as they eat dinner?

    A: No, I don't do that I'm afraid. Drawing people during a dinner is generally considered to be 'old hat' in professional caricaturist circles.  In my experience, the 'sitters' don't enjoy having someone gawp at them with pens and paper in hand as they try to relax and eat a meal which I completely respect and understand, therefore I don't do it. I'm not a 'walkabout' caricaturist. I work from a stationary position at an easel which gives your guests more of a 'spectacle' to look at and keeps them entertained as each drawing unfolds. Booking times for me MUST be either before or after a meal.

    Q: Are your live event caricatures in colour or black and white?

    A: My event caricatures are black & white with shades of grey. Colour ones take too long to do when drawing live and increases waiting times for guests.

    Q: What materials do you use?

    A: My caricatures are produced on good quality large A3 sized paper. I draw with professional instant dry black marker pens and also add some grey shading. Each caricature drawn is supplied in a transparent plastic sleeve to protect the artwork from wet weather when guests take them home or any drink spillages, etc.

    Q: Do you draw couples together?

    A: I draw singles mainly at most events, apart from the Bride & Groom if I'm booked for a wedding. Couples take twice as long to do - around 10 to 12 minutes per drawing -  and increases the waiting times for other guests and can kill the 'buzz' at an event. It's vital to keep things fast moving and fun therefore drawing individuals is much quicker and generally a lot more 'fairer' to the majority of guests as opposed to drawing couple after couple which takes up much more time.


    Put simply, drawing individuals means more drawings per hour, which means much more laughs, more entertainment and more fab reactions from sitters and spectators to my work. This creates much more of a buzz and a happy atmosphere at your event, which makes it all the more memorable!


    A bigger percentage of people at the event will get to enjoy the 'caricature experience' and take a drawing home with them if I draw individuals at my speedy quickfire pace. That said, if a client really wants me to draw couples (eg, a small party of guests) then that's not a problem at all as long as the client realises the timescales. Just let me know in advance.

    I am always happy to draw the newly-weds together though and the fact that they are the only ones at the wedding who get the 'VIP couple' caricature treatment from me makes it all the more special and memorable for them!

    Q: What about groups?

    A: Unfortunately not. Group caricatures take far too long and can get tiresome for the audience, as the focus becomes less about likeness and exaggeration, and more an exhausting exercise for me in trying to fit everyone on the same page. It is essential to keep things fast-moving and fun, so let's keep it that way so your guests are entertained!


    Q: Do you do children's parties?

    A: I do indeed, however please note, I am not a 'Children's Entertainer' in that traditional sense. Caricature may not be ideal for very little ones who don't have the attention span to sit still for a few minutes, therefore adult supervision is essential. I am Disclosure Scotland and PVG certified therefore you can book me for your children's party with confidence.

    Q: How far are you prepared to travel?

    A: I am willing to work wherever you want me to, as long as you are willing to cover my travelling expenses (and accommodation if it's a long way from home).  I am based in Cumbernauld near Glasgow in central Scotland, but have worked all over the UK, so I am always willing to travel further afield... Just ask!


    Q: Does travel cost extra?

     A: Travel to your venue is free if it's within an 'all-in' distance - (there and back) of 25 miles from my home address in Cumbernauld. Beyond that the fee is typically 50p per milePlease note, if your venue is more than 50 miles from my home address then a 3 HOUR booking performance time minimum will apply. Travel cost will be calculated, advised and included in the overall booking fee.


    Q: I've noticed that here are other caricaturists who charge a lot less than you do, or claim they can draw many more people per hour. Why is this?

    A: As the old saying goes: "The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." I always advise people to beware of 'low-cost' caricaturists or entertainers for events. Would you hire a really bad singer, terrible caterers or an unfunny comedian for your wedding day or party, simply because they were 'cheap?' Of course you wouldn't.  Why take the risk and be disappointed?


    Quite simply, when you hire me I bring not only my years of experience as a world-class caricaturist and illustrator, but also some of the best live caricatures in the UK. Choose the right artist, and your family and friends will be talking about it and swapping stories for years to come. (Check out what my customers have said about me on the testimonials page) Go with a lesser cut-price artist and the same will happen - but for all the wrong reasons! It's true you will always find faster and cheaper artists, but rest assured with that usually comes very poor likenesses (or the dreaded "each face looks exactly the same" syndrome!), scrappy linework, and a shoddy end product you'd be embarrassed to show to your friends, let alone display on your wall. This is the direct opposite of everything I stand for as a live artist, and something you never need to worry about when you hire me.

    A lot of these so called 'professional caricaturists' can be found listed on Entertainment Agencies or within a 'Studio' Group. These 'artists' are often what I term 'hobbyists' who already have a full time job doing something else entirely, and just draw for fun at weekends and don't mind if they learn their craft at YOUR expense! I've heard so many horror stories of people being massively disappointed when they hire such an artist for their very special event such as a wedding day. 

    Rest assured, there's absolutely no need for me to claim I can draw X amount of people at events just to secure a booking. People book me for the quality of the artwork I produce. After all, do you want to give your guests a drawing that will generate 'zero'-reaction or disappointment from your guests? A drawing they will instantly forget and shove away in a drawer, loft or bin after your event....? Or do you want to give them a really memorable, fun experience and a unique memento that they will proudly frame and hang on their wall? Remember - good artists aren't cheap...and cheap artists aren't good! 

    Q. Any other tips on what to look out for when it comes to choosing a caricaturist for my event?

    A.  When browsing caricaturist's websites or FB pages; I always advise people to look for a good selection of lots of (fairly recent) 'live work' photos of their event caricatures with the 'sitter' included in the photo, before deciding on hiring that artist. There are people who call themselves caricaturists; but have very little (or often none at all) photos of actual people holding the caricatures they have created for them at an event displayed on their websites (or face book pages). 


    If they don't have live work photos that include the 'sitter'... then AVOID them at all costs! If they do have some live caricature work photos, ask yourself if the artist has nailed a 'good likeness' of whom it's supposed to be....and ask yourself if it's actually funny - and not dull and bland.


    Look out for 'repetition' in others work too. This is the “lazy caricaturist” who abandons all pretence of caricature as an art form and just draws every new face with the same old approach.This is usually accomplished by creating just a “generic” face using the same basic facial shapes, head shape, and relationship of features, etc, and then just adding in the most obvious physical traits like hairstyle, moustache, glasses, etc in order to get some form of very mild likeness of the sitter.

    The result is more of a bland cartoon character that is totally benign, weak and flavourless -  and a lot of drawings which look almost identical to each other and nothing like whom they're supposed to be. Study their sample photos and look out for facial similarities. Avoid a caricaturist who draws eyes/ mouths / noses / chins, etc, over and over in the same repetitive way.  Remember -  if you're not impressed with what you see, then neither will your guests be, so don't hire them....hire ME instead!

    Please visit my LIVE WORK gallery page, where you'll find OVER 100 photos of my live event caricatures... with the 'sitter' included in each and every photo! 

    (Below - some famous faces I have caricatured for various events. Some of the drawings were signed by the stars and then auctioned off for charity. Left to right - Jeff Stelling, Ford Kiernan, Carol Smillie and golfing star, Paul Lawrie) 



    Q: I would like you to draw caricatures on an exhibition stand at a show or promo event that I am promoting my business at, is this something you can do?

    A: Yes! This is a GREAT way of attracting people to visit your exhibition stand, and it also leaves them with a unique free gift that they can take away and hang in their home or office! I've been hired to draw at big events in Glasgow's SECC, the Birmingham NEC, Truckfest in Peterborough and many more where my live caricatures went down a storm. My appearances generated an incredible amount of interest to the stands I was working at and I received glowing reviews from my clients.  The paper I use to draw on can be pre-printed with your company logo and website address (optional), ...this will help enhance your marketing programme at the show / expo. Make your stall at an event stand out from the crowd with my memorable, fun caricatures!  Contact me by email or telephone to discuss ideas and options. 

    Q: We are planning a really big event / exhibition and may require another caricaturist to attend also due to the number of guests. Is this okay and can you recommend any other artists we could hire to work alongside with you?

    A: Yes of course. I'm connected to many of the best caricaturists in the UK. I am more than happy to work alongside other professional artists at your event and can certainly provide you with some great recommendations.


    Q: May we display the caricatures you have created for us on our website after the event?

    A: No I am afraid not. These 'live event caricatures' are intended for private and personal use only. As I am the artist who has created the artwork, this means I retain full copyright of all images. People are not allowed to post artwork I have created on any websites without my written expressed permission - and should people want to do this, then it is expected that I am paid an agreed additional fee for use and display of any such image(s) in accordance with UK copyright law.

    Q. May we use our caricatures as profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media?

    A: Absolutely, as long as the use is strictly non-profit. However I retain full copyrights on all art, and where the image(s) is to be used in a business or promotional capacity it’s expected that I would be contacted to discuss a separate copyright licence for usage. 



    Q: What will you be wearing on the day?

    A: I wear a smart suit with shirt, tie and trousers as a matter of course; however, I am always happy to discuss any alternative dress requirements should they arise. 


    Q: Do we need to provide you with any food and drink at our event?

    A: Most of my bookings do not require any meal breaks, however, I will require the occasional soft drink to keep me alert and hydrated. A five minute break will be required for every 3 hours of drawing.

    Q: Will any of the artwork you produce at our event appear on the internet?

    A: Occasionally (if time allows) I will grab a few quick snaps of your guests holding up their caricatures. These images may be used as promotional material on my website, blog or facebook page, but ONLY with the subjects permission to do so. ANY objections to the photographs being displayed online will naturally be respected.



    Q: Do you require a deposit if I wish to make a booking?

    A: Yes, a deposit will be required to secure the booking. A booking confirmation will be produced and sent to you, and payment balance will be required no later than one week before your event, or in cash upon my arrival, before I start drawing. ALL deposit payments received will be acknowledged via an e-mail. If I am unable to attend your event due to any unforseen circumstances ( car breakdown, Illness, family problems etc ) - although this is extremely unlikely -  your deposit will be immediately refunded with my sincere apologies. 


    Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

    A: My preferred payment method is Direct Bank Transfer (BACS), but I also accept cash and cheques.

    Q: What is the cancellation policy?

    A: Any advance deposits paid are NON-REFUNDABLE, but in the event of cancellation this may be transferred to a later booking (if I'm available) or used as part payment towards a caricature commission. Where a cancellation takes place within 30 days of the event date, payment of the full remaining balance is required. In the highly unlikely event of a cancellation by myself, you will be refunded in full including any deposits (EXCEPT in the event of poor weather conditions - see below) with my sincere apologies. I will always try and give you sufficient time to make alternative arrangements.

    Q: What if poor weather conditions prevent you from appearing?

    A: Though highly unlikely - (that said, I do live in Scotland!) -  freak weather conditions (snow, ice, flash floods etc) can make it impossible to reach the venue, either because of inaccessibility or on legitimate safety grounds. If this is likely I will keep you informed as soon and as fully as possible. Please note artist non-appearance due to acts of nature will NOT result in your booking deposit being refunded, however it may be deferred to a later booking or used as part payment towards a caricature commission.

    Q: How soon in advance should we book you for our event?

    A: The sooner the better! Email me now to check availability for your date and don't forget to include the venue location with your enquiry!

    Even if your event is planned for more than 12 month's time, I'd advise to get your deposit in to me quick to secure the date for it. Please be aware I am always in demand for weddings at weekends during the Spring / Summer months and my diary always fills up quickly from April to September. Other peak times for me in the year can be Fresher's week events (usually in August / September) and of course in December on the run up to Christmas. Book me now to avoid disappointment! Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!


     - Edd Travers. Caricaturist, Glasgow, Scotland.


    If you have any other questions,

    please email me at: eddsheads@hotmail.co.uk

    or call me on 0776 145 3457 between business hours - 9 till 5pm, Monday to Friday. 


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