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Let's face it...looking for a special gift for someone in your life who 'already has everything' is not easy! Most people will already just buy themselves what they really want or need, and it can be difficult to find someone a really unique and surprising gift that brings a smile to their face and reflects their personality. Gift Caricatures are ideal if you're looking for a gift that's memorable, 'stands out from the crowd'; makes an impact and also shows your thoughtfulness and consideration! Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday, wedding, retirement, anniversary... or just to show somehow how much you like or love them, then I can help!

Traditional Hand Drawn Caricatures

All caricatures are hand drawn from photographs that you email to me, so there's no need for anyone to have to 'sit' for me!

Read on for further information, prices and FAQ's...

My 'one of a kind' caricatures make fantastic gifts for any special occasion or event. Unlike the glut of caricaturists who work entirely digitally nowadays, it's worth noting that all my work is completely drawn by hand with professional design marker pens -  therefore the end result you'd get is an original, authentic piece of artwork which comes signed by me, the artist - not an image churned out from a printer digitally created with pixels. I am often told that my work is so clean and crisp it looks like a 'print' anyway!

My commission work here is in a similar style to that which I create live at weddings and events etc - although here it is much more refined and 'polished', with a greater emphasis on likeness - where all humour is derived purely from observation and exaggeration of the facial features - which is the main basic principle of the art of caricature.... and one which attracted me to the art in the first place!

Without the clutter of props, gags, scenario's and backgrounds etc, these are "pure" caricatures in the most traditional sense of the word.

The illustrations are created on large A3 sized paper (A3 size = 42.0 cm x 29.7 cm), drawn with black & grey professional markers / pencils with a maximum of two people per sheet. These caricatures are always a very popular, affordable choice and can be created very swiftly for customers - usually within 2 weeks -  if not sooner.


 * Please note: Price reflects live performance style, i.e. head & shoulders only, no full bodies /  props or backgrounds. Additional detail may require further fees charged at my standard rates. Contact me for a customised quote. 

  • Caricature of 1 person =  £40.00
  • Caricature of 2 people (max) =  £80.00
  • Postage & packaging costs for delivery within the UK =  £10.00

The artwork is protected by a clear ziplock sleeve and comes posted to you rolled in a sturdy tube. (Please note - I don't frame 'live style' caricatures to keep costs low.) 

If you are planning on tying the knot, then what better way to mark the occasion than with a fun, personalised caricature of the Bride and Groom? Many couples ask me to provide a pre-drawn finished caricature of the happy couple to put on display at the reception venue, framed or perhaps with a large surrounding mount, onto which they invite guests in attendance to sign and perhaps leave a personal message on it for them to treasure. The artwork is then framed after the 'Big Day' and certainly makes a more memorable souvenir keepsake and fun alternative than the average 'wedding guestbook!' 

  • Wedding Couple Caricature Price : £80.00 
  • Large surrounding mount for guests to sign (optional): £25.00 
If you've been invited to a wedding this year and haven't got a clue what to buy as a gift for the happy couple, then how about  a fun, personalised framed gift caricature of them both to treasure and hang in their newlywed home! Always a popular choice for weddings, a caricature is certain to make an impact and will definitely make your gift to the happy couple the most memorable and 'stand out from the crowd!' Forget about towels or toasters...give them something truly special and unique! 

Customer Testimonial:

"Hi Edd

Just want to say a big thank you for the gift caricatures. They are superb and exceeded all my expectations! I really appreciate all your hard work, time and effort on these. The pics have gone down great with the recipients - everyone loved them! 

The whole process of arranging the caricatures with you was absolutely effortless, everything was made so easy and the attention to detail is faultless. Once again a huge thanks from me and my fiancé, Claire, for creating the perfect gifts for our big day, this Saturday, for both us and our groomsmen.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anybody who ever mentions they're looking at caricatures or anybody who is looking for something a bit different to give as a present of some kind - I know my cousin has already been in touch!I

Thanks again Edd!!"  - Chris Sedgley - May 2015.

Want to see more? There's a full gallery of my commissioned caricatures here.


Q: I really like the idea of a caricature as a gift, but I'm worried about the possibility of offending the recipient! Do your gift caricatures ever offend?
A: Not at all. I try my best not to offend anybody! My aim is to compliment, but also to exaggerate the features for comic effect (whilst maintaining a recognizable likeness) and to give people a giggle and something to treasure. Remember, it's a caricature, not a photograph or portrait painting! That said, you should think twice about giving a caricature to someone who is particularly sensitive about their looks or doesn’t have a good sense of humour.
Q: Will I get to see a 'rough' pencil sketch of the caricature likeness(es) before it's inked and finished?
A: Yes, always if you are a Bride or Groom to be and wish to use the artwork at your reception display etc. For other client projects, it can depend on how tight your deadline for artwork completion is, but I am happy to send you a rough draft / sketch upon request.
Q: What do you need from me in terms of PHOTOGRAPHS in order to create my caricature?
A: If you do decide to go ahead with a caricature commission; I would need at least 3 or 4 good quality recent photos of the person(s) you want me to draw. Some nice, smiley, natural ones please preferably in relaxed poses. Please ensure they are good sized,  high resolution - (sharp with detail), clear close ups. I do not want any 'group' shots, wacky / crazy / weird looking facial expressions, costumes, hats or sunglasses please, unless you want this in the picture. Badly lit photos of 'shadowy' faces are no use to me either. Before you send any photos to me, please ask yourself if the photos you have selected are a good 'representation' of the person you want me to draw. It sounds ridiculous I know, but a persons' look can change dramatically from photo to photo, and as I don't know the individual(s) personally, I can only work from what you provide me with! For example - don't send me lots of old photos of the same person with many different hairstyles - photos must be fairly recent and clear. 

It would also help if the photos of the subject were taken from a couple of different angles - i.e. not just facing to the 'front' (like a passport photo). Try to also include one or two taken from a 'three quarters' to the side angle...this really helps me to read the face accurately and determine shapes of noses / chins / foreheads, etc! The better the selection of photos I have to work from, the better your caricature will turn out! Please bear all of this in mind when selecting photographs for me to work from. Please email photos to me - do not send original prints.

Q: What do you need from me in terms of DETAILS about the subject(s) in order to create my caricature?

A: The first thing I will ask you is "WHEN do you require the finished artwork for?" As a freelancer, I'm always busy with many different commissions on the drawing board at once sometimes, therefore I need to work to deadlines in order to get them completed in time for you. It's vital that you let me know when you need the finished product for from the start of the project.

Beyond that; other details I require are all the initial 'obvious' things such as what the caricature is intended for: birthday gift, wedding, retirement, etc. If you have some fun thoughts on how you'd like me to depict someone in the picture, then please give me some information about your ideas - or a short 'brief' if you like. Please be quite specific when it comes to things like clothing  / hairstyles etc... as with photographs, sometimes the camera can lie. I may require specific photos of relevant things to use as drawing references (eg, style of Bride's wedding dress or  Groom's outfit etc...) Remember, if it's something specific and you don't show me what it looks like, then I can't include it in the caricature! 

Q: How long does it take to create a gift caricature?

A: I generally ask for a week or two to get the job done, depending on your required deadline. In very busy or 'peak' times there may be a 'waiting list' for projects which are not needed for an 'immediate' deadline, however I will advise and discuss this with clients in advance. 

Q: How much notice do you need in order to create a gift caricature for me? I've just discovered your website and I REALLY want a caricature done VERY quickly for a special occasion! 

A: The earlier the notice, the better really. If I'm given plenty of time and warning about when you need your caricature for, then this really helps me to organise my time and workload effectively. If you are thinking about getting someone a caricature from me for a specific date in the future, then feel free to approach me about it 2 or 3 months in advance if you like. It pays to be organised, folks!

Regarding short notice jobs, I'm a busy guy, but I will also accommodate tight deadlines if I can, so please don't be afraid to ask!...I've even been known to draw and dispatch them the same day that they were first ordered! 

Q: What materials do you use?

A: I use professional design markers, artists coloured pencils and fine liner pens . Everything is drawn and inked by hand in the traditional way. I'm not a digital artist who uses computer packages to create artwork. I've nothing against digital work, it's just that I haven't mastered it as an art tool....yet! So for the time being, I use 'traditional' materials.

Q: Can you post finished artwork to me when the job is done or do I have to collect it from you? 

A: Yes. And yes! Artwork can be posted to you via Post Office special delivery, rolled in a plastic cover within a sturdy tube for the all in fee of £10.
Alternatively, if you live in or around the Glasgow area, you'd be welcome to come to my address at an agreed time / date planned in advance to personally collect the artwork for me when the job is done. Many of my clients have done this in order to save money on P&P fees, so don't be afraid to ask. I live in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow.

Q: When do you require payment for commissions?

A: All artwork must be paid for in advance please, (including postage and packaging fees if applicable) before projects are undertaken. I accept cheques or direct bank transfers (BACS). (Or cash if your in my neighborhood!).

Q: May we display the caricature you have created for us on a website?

A: No I am afraid not. These 'gift caricature commissions' are intended for private and personal use only. As I am the artist who has created the artwork, this means I retain full copyright of all images. People are not allowed to post artwork I have created on any websites without my written expressed permission - and should people want to do this, then it is expected that I am paid an agreed additional fee for use and display of any such image(s) in accordance with UK copyright law. 

Q:  I've decided I want a caricature from you. So what do I do now to get things going?

A: Get in touch with me via the contact page on this site or email me at: eddsheads@hotmail.co.uk and we will take things from there. Please let me know what and when you need the artwork for when you get in touch. I'll be happy to reply to any other questions you may have. 

Caricatures make unique, one of a kind gifts that your friends, family or work colleagues will treasure! You can see more examples of commissions over on the Gift Caricatures page. If you have any other questions, please email me at: eddsheads@hotmail.co.uk or call me on 0776 145 3457 between business hours - 9 till 5pm, Monday to Friday. 





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