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With Lorraine Kelly Caricature
  • With Lorraine Kelly Caricature

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  • Here's a pic of me with the framed original of my Edd's Heads Lorraine Kelly caricature. I've been lucky enough to have some fantastic feedback about my work from the Lovely Lady herself, for which I am eternally grateful.....

    "Edd is fab and I am honoured to be one of his caricatures. He is so talented and has captured me perfectly!" - The Sunday Post newspaper, October 10th 2010.

    I was also delighted to receive a personally hand written letter from Lorraine Kelly in October 2010 in which she described my caricature as "Brilliant!"

    .....Very nice, eh? Lorraine Kelly is a total star and it was fantastic of her to take the time and trouble to contact me.
    I'm still waiting to hear what Pope Benedict makes of his caricature though....! I'll keep you posted as soon as he gets in touch with me....

    Thanks to Steve from The Sunday Post for the photo.

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