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2017 Events and Latest News...

JUNE 2017 - Merchant Square Craft Fair

I'm going to try out something new this month folks! I've booked a table at the Merchant City Craft Fair in Glasgow at 71 Albion Street, G1 1NY for the following dates:

 -  Saturday, June 10th, where I'll be there from 11 till 6pm.

 - Sunday June 18th - FATHER'S DAY - from 12 till 6pm

 - Sunday June 25th - from 12 till 6pm

I'm going to be selling a selection of my Still Game-inspired 'Auld Pals' caricature merchandise - prints, mugs, cards, etc...Great gifts for Father's Day!

I'll also have my trusty drawing gear with me and will be selling 'on the spot' caricatures for anyone who would like one. If you've never had a caricature before, now's the time to come and get one live from yours truly! It's painless, I promise!

Merchant Square is a terrific venue for a weekly craft market - right in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City - where you can sit and have a drink, or have a meal or chill out on one the benches to watch the world go by- either before or after you browse the many stalls selling some beautiful handmade products....lots to see and do.

The craft fair is all under cover too - and as the catchy Merchant Square logo says - "where it never rains" - (handy for Glasgow summertime!) so it's a really nice place to pass a couple of hours if you like....or only 10 mins if you only happen to be passing through.

So - spread the word for me folks and I hope to see you there. Wish me luck! Tell yer Da! 

APRIL 2017 - Closed for a Holiday

Please note I will be closed from April 9th till April 18th for a holiday with my family. Any email enquiries or phone messages I receive during this time will be replied to upon my return. A reminder that you can find information, prices and FAQ's for my services on the 'Hire Me' and 'Commission' pages of this website. Thank you.


APRIL 2017 - Celebrating TEN YEARS in Business!

April is here - which means I can celebrate TEN YEARS of being in business as a self employed caricaturist / cartoonist! Time flies. Drawing for a living is an absolute joy for me. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to do a job that I love.

Of course, those of you who've known me a long time will know that I began my career 14 years ago working collaboratively with a certain 'Art Studio' way back in 2003!

After 4 years with the studio, I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled with how things were going with them - so I left in 2007 and took the plunge to set up business on my own.

2007 became my 'year zero' to make a brand new start and market myself under my own name. In those very early days, I knew nothing about social media, I had no clients list, no website or even much artwork of my own to show people as most of the stuff I'd done previously was with the studio (who were not happy about me using any of the work I did with them to market myself, etc) so I couldn't use any of it. I literally had to start from scratch.

There were big changes in my personal life too back then, as I had just became a father for the first time a few months earlier, so my wife and I were still getting to grips with parenthood. Mad times...crazy times...(talk about a life lesson!), it was all a bit daunting but I had nothing to lose. 

All I had was passion for drawing and self belief that I could maybe make a decent stab at it as a career if I got stuck in and worked hard. It was a steep learning curve, but setting up on my own was the best thing I ever did. Without tooting my own horn too much, I dedicated myself and worked hard over the years to improve my work which led to success which in turn has boosted my self worth and self respect. I've established myself as one of the most sought after live event caricaturists in the UK.

According to UK marketing info, most small businesses dwindle and die within their first 5 years, therefore I'm delighted that I'm still going strong and demand for my work and services has grown over the years. Pretty good going for a 'one man band' type of business! 

Sincere love and thanks to my wife Irene, family and friends who have supported me over the years. Thanks to all my fantastic customers who have used my services and here's to the next ten years and more! Onwards and upwards! - Edd Xx

FEBRUARY 2017 - New and Updated Website Pages

If you are thinking about commissioning a GIFT CARICATURE from me for someone, then please take a look at my newly updated gallery page here.

If you like what you see, and want to find out more then please refer to my newly updated COMMISSION info page here for prices, info and FAQ's. 

Unlike the glut of caricaturists who work entirely digitally nowadays, it's worth noting that all my work is completely drawn by hand with professional design marker pens therefore the end result you'd get is an original, one of a kind piece of artwork, which comes signed by me, the artist - not an image churned out from a printer digitally created with pixels. I am often told that my work is so clean and crisp it looks like a 'print' anyway!

My commission work I do is in a similar style to that which I create live at weddings and events etc - although here it is much more refined and 'polished', with a greater emphasis on likeness - where all humour is derived purely from observation and exaggeration of the facial features - which is the main basic principle of the art of caricature..... and one which attracted me to the art in the first place!

Without the clutter of props, gags, scenario's and backgrounds etc, these are "pure" caricatures in the most traditional sense of the word.

The illustrations are created on large A3 sized paper, drawn with black & grey professional markers / pencils with a maximum of two people per sheet. These caricatures are always a very popular, affordable choice and can be created very swiftly for customers - usually within 2 weeks - if not sooner. 

JANUARY 2017 - News About Caricature Commissions

 If you'd like to commission a gift caricature for a loved one for Valentine's day 2017, then now is the time to get in touch with me! Email: eddsheads@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks! : )

JANUARY - 'Auld Pals' Caricature Gift Merchandise -  Update

Happy New Year Folks! I'm looking forward to sharing lots of new artwork with you this year! Stay tuned!

If you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift for a Still Game fan, then please do check out my caricature prints, coasters, mugs, cards, bookmarks and fridge magnets which are for sale. Great gifts for Scottish comedy fans!

You can buy the Auld Pals gift range online from www.pureminted.co.uk

Also please note that my Auld Pals merchandise can now be bought directly from 'The Gallery' stores which you can find the following Glasgow shopping centres: Braehead, Silverburn and Buchanan Galleries.https://buchanangalleries.co.uk/shops/gallery

Open till 7pm most evenings and 8pm on Thursdays.

The gift shop in the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow also stock my 'Auld Pals' range. 

Or - if you you live in or near East Dunbartonshire, then you can also buy directly from the Pure Minted outlet within Viewfield Gallery, Unit 11 Whitegates, Lenzie Road, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow G66 3BQ

Open Mon to Friday 9 - 5pm and Saturdays 9 - 12.

Thanks for visiting me website. If you'd like to hire me to draw live, on the spot caricatures of guests at your wedding, party or event this year, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

You can keep up to date with my news more regularly on my Facebook Business Page: www.Facebook.com/EddTravers 

And you can also follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/EddTravers

Or feel free to drop me an email anytime:

Or you can also ring me on 0776 145 3457. Please call between business hours, Mon - Friday 9 till 5pm. Thanks! 

Till next time,  - Edd

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