Edd Travers
21st Birthday Gift Caricature
  • 21st Birthday Gift Caricature

  • 0.0cm x 0.0cm
  • My 'one of a kind' caricatures make fantastic gifts for any special occasion or event. They can also be supplied digitally to be used as unique profile pictures for your social media needs or website images.

    Unlike the glut of caricaturists who work entirely digitally nowadays, it's worth noting that all my work is entirely drawn by hand with professional design marker pens therefore the end result you'd get is an original, one of a kind piece of artwork, which comes signed by me, the artist - not an image churned out from a printer digitally created with pixels. I am often told that my work is so clean and crisp it looks like a 'print' anyway!

    My commission work here is in a similar style to that which I create live at weddings and events etc - although here it is much more refined and 'polished', with a greater emphasis on likeness - where all humour is derived purely from observation and exaggeration of the facial features - which is the main basic principle of the art of caricature and one which attracted me to the art in the first place!

    Without the clutter of props, gags, scenario's and backgrounds etc, these are "pure" caricatures in the most traditional sense of the word.

    The illustrations are created on large A3 sized paper, drawn with black & grey professional markers / pencils with a maximum of two people per sheet. These caricatures are always a very popular, affordable choice and can be created very swiftly for customers - usually within 2 weeks - if not sooner.

    Please refer to the COMMISSION page of this website to view more information, prices and FAQ's.

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